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3in1 MagSafe Leather Holder

 3in1 MagSafe Leather Holder
3in1 MagSafe Leather Holder
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  • Model: Phone Holder
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  • MagSafe is compatible with all versions of iPhone
  • It comes with an additional MagSafe piece that can be attached to phone covers that are not equipped with MagSafe
  • Tripod - Stand
  •  It can be used as a tripod for photography, making zoom calls, watching videos, and more
  •  The angles of the stand can be easily changed according to your preference
  •  In addition to the stand function, it can be converted into a tripod. When you open the stand lengthwise, you can increase the height of the mobile and adjust the angle as you like
  •  It can be used with mobile phones in portrait or landscape mode
  •  Provides high stability even when used as a tripod
  • Comfortable grip
  • It can be folded out when in use and folded in to be very slim
  • Made of high quality material, environmentally friendly, and gives you a luxurious f

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