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If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement, you may not be allowed to activate the warranty or use any of its services.

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X-Leader Protection Package Warranty Policy

1- The guarantee shall not be considered unless the name of the merchant (seller) approved by the agent is recorded in the purchase invoice.

2- The warranty is exclusive and is valid only on the protection against breakage for the external screen and the back cover of the mobile

3- The warranty includes breaking the device from the back without the camera lens

4- The warranty includes breaking the front screen only and does not include the limits of the luminous sides of the device as shown in the picture and the internal screen.

5- A warranty valid for one year from the date of the purchase invoice and not from the date of registration in the warranty or the replacement claim.

6- The agent is the only one who decides to accept the claim for product replacement, cash refund or not, or compensation as he deems appropriate, after conducting a quality inspection of the product.

7- The warranty compensation is either by changing the external screen or the back cover according to the examination, or recovering the actual purchase value, provided that it does not exceed in any case an amount of (500) five hundred riyals only for the front screen and (300) three hundred riyals for the rear screen (the warranty for the rear screen). The new protection package (X-Leader Max).

8- Changing the external protection screen or the outer cover of the product is only for one time and during the warranty period.

9- The claim is submitted either through points of sale or through the website of the authorized agent:

10- In the event of a request for compensation through points of sale, the following must be brought:

a) The device includes the serial number on the invoice during installation

b) A picture at the time of installation of the product showing the internal serial number (IME) of the device - the invoice - and the package x-leader at the same time.

11- When claiming through the website, the following must be provided:

a) The purchase invoice including the name of the seller approved by the agent.

b) A picture at the time of installation of the product showing the internal serial number (IME) of the device, the invoice and the package x-leader at the same time.

c) Video or pictures showing the defect with the serial number (IME - IMEI).

d) The transaction takes from (3-15) working days.

Note: In the event that the agent decides to replace the product either by changing the external screen or changing the back cover, he must visit the nearest authorized branch of the authorized agent, taking into account what was stipulated in Paragraph No. (6) of the warranty conditions. Approved for the consumer after accepting the request, taking into account the provisions of Paragraph No. (5) of the terms of the guarantee..